The FROG-J Underground Motor breaks the boundaries of both form and function. At only 85mm deep the Frog-J is easier to install, with less digging required. It is also simpler to wire and commission with the new ZL90 control panel.

The FROG-J also has a new manual release system, accessible from either side of the gate and enclosed beneath a protected hatch, it is straightforward and easy to operate. The power levels of the FROG-J conform with UK safety laws, simplifying installation.


The New CAME AMICO swing gate motor offers installers a great solution for gate automation.

The simple worm drive mechanism is convenient and reliable, capable of opening gate wings of 1.8 metres (about 5’11”) weighing up to 200kg.

The AMICO combined with the ZL90 control panel meets UK Safety laws in relation to power output of the gate. This makes it easier to make a safe, compliant automated gate without the need for excessive additional accessories, helping to keep costs and installation time to a minimum.



The FAST24N has all the features of the standard FAST motor, it is quick and simple to install and suits a wide variety of applications including the ability to mount on to small posts.

It also meets UK Safety laws as standard, restricting the power output of the opening gate, making installation and testing straightforward, saving both time and money.


The BX243 Sliding gate motor incorporates the safety requirements prescribed in UK law for automated gates. Capable of keeping the power output below required levels it makes installation and testing very simple.

The BX243 is capable of incorporating its in built features with the CAME DF safety edge and DB wireless technology, producing safe, reliable sliding gates with ease.


On show for the first time in 2007, visit any of our exhibitions to examine a working model of our CAT Chain barrier. The unique CAT barrier is an ideal solution for many applications to control access and secure premises.

The chain system reduces vandalism problems often associated with barrier arms giving another option for installations. The chain drops into a groove in the road to allow access.
See it in 2007 at any of our London & Home Counties exhibitions.


Automatic rising bollards are a great solution for controlling access, they are both attractive and secure. CAME’s new generation of URBACO bollards provide the advantages of rising bollards for less. Improved production techniques and use of materials has resulted in our new more affordable bollard range. View a sample of the new bollards at any of our exhibitions.


We have been appointed the UK agent of Nova-Ferr sliding gate wheels and accessoies.

The range includes high quality items including Wheels, stops, tracks, hinges and many other accessories of a standard of quality second to none.
We believe these sliding gate accessories are ideal for any sliding gate automation installation.

View our range of Nova-Ferr accessories at any of the London and Home Counties exhibitions.


The WAVE control system expands the convenience of residential gate and garage door automation into the home. Switch on your lights when you open your gate and enter an illuminated home rather than a dark house.

The discreet panel can control a number of home automation systems, controlling mundane tasks such as alarm systems, opening curtains and watering the garden (but only if it’s not rained recently!) the possibilities to use the WAVE are endless.

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